A1 Housing set to realise huge benefits with revolutionary auditing system

A1 Housing has announced this June, they are proud to be the first Housing Provider to pioneer the way forward in Auditing gas and electrical work with the implementation of CORGI Compliance Document Management System (CDMS).

Following the launch of the innovative CORGI CDMS earlier this year, the revolutionary new system saves landlords thousands of hours of work previously spent manually analysing compliance and safety paperwork. CORGI CDMS reviews 100% of essential Electrical and Landlords Gas Safety Records (LGSR) quickly and easily. CORGI CDMS instantly highlights risks allowing immediate action to be taken, ensuring compliance and safety has never been easier.

Claire Heyes, CEO of CORGI Technical Services, commented, “We are delighted that A1 Housing are the first of many to reap the benefits of CORGI CDMS. Where there is innovation and business improvement, the team at A1 are always keen to learn how they can provide a more efficient and effective service. Managing and reviewing piles of mandatory paperwork is a tireless task. CORGI CDMS allows you to review documents in just a matter of minutes. Saving a huge amount of staff resource allows organisations to conduct more essential on-site inspections and other value added activities. This system also eliminates human error and stores data in a usable format facilitating greater asset management.”

A1 Housing pride themselves on being a forward thinking housing provider. Leading the way with CORGI CDMS demonstrates their commitment to continual improvement, budget management and, most importantly, gas safety.

Andy Steen, Contract Manager, A1 Housing commented, “I attended a launch presentation of CORGI CDMS and knew instantly it could not only transform our internal systems, but also deliver a range of significant benefits. Prior to CORGI CDMS, staff spent hours laboriously analysing paperwork leaving us open to human error. Despite a rigorous regime I personally still uncovered concerning errors during spot checks. CORGI CDMS will ensure this is no longer an issue, providing me with the complete confidence that we are fully compliant and would pass any HSE audit. Additionally, CORGI CDMS greatly improves the ease of asset management, a huge benefit to gas managers, allowing you to separate out gas and electrical from other items. Lastly we anticipate budget savings of 50%. In the face of serious budget cuts, these funds can be re-distributed to more deserving social issues such as fuel poverty and access procedures. CORGI CDMS is well worthy of the consideration of any housing provider.”


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