CORGI Pledges its Support to the Safeguard Initiative.

We at CORGI Technical Services work with organisations and social housing managers to deliver the highest standards in gas safety.

CORGI Technical Services are delighted to pledge our support to the Safeguard Initiative as we are dedicated to bringing high levels of safety to people on a local level.

We live in a time where threats such as substance abuse, cyber bullying, internet safety, crime and child abuse menace our communities. Highlighting issues such as these is of paramount importance to The Safeguard Initiative and through education and awareness they aim to help reduce these worrying issues.

The Safeguard Initiative helps to raise awareness of issues relating to public safety in the form of a printed journal that is distributed nationally to educational establishments, schools, community centres and the general community. The Safeguard Initiative also provides an extensive online library of parental resources, posters, and ready-made lesson plans for teachers, at many of the national curriculum Key Stages.

For further information about The Safeguard Initiative and how you can pledge your support please visit their website at