100th organisation takes new Gas Safety Management qualification for Social Housing

CORGI is celebrating the 100th organisation to join its new VRQ in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing. The hugely popular course was only established eighth months ago and the first candidates are now in the final stages of the course.

Based upon five assignments, the distance learning programme has been voted a resounding success and has been seen as a major step forward in recognising the complexity and importance of the gas safety management role.

One of the first delegates to sign up to take the qualification was Darren Fountain of Incommunities Housing Association. Darren commented that he found the ‘Gas Safety Management in Social Housing’ course extremely well structured, systematic and focused towards specific knowledge and quality control systems required for managing gas contracts in social housing.

“I would like to claim I already knew everything about managing gas safety and applicable legislation,” said Darren, “but I didn’t. It has served to both jog my memory in regards to combustion, flueing and ventilation, and gas appliances (In my case it was over eight years since I last sat an ACS assessment). It has also clarified some legislative issues I half understood, and in many cases provided me with completely new knowledge I had not really previously considered, or been aware of, particularly in relation to how different legislation interacts in an overall framework.”

Dates for course starter days, which are located across the UK are detailed below:

  • Newcastle – 20 June
  • Oxford – 18 July
  • Sheffield – 22 August
  • Edinburgh – 19 September
  • Maidstone – 24 October
  • Leicester – 14 November
  • Liverpool – 12 December
  • Other dates and venues tbc or contact us for an in-house programnme


Joint CEO of CORGI, Claire Heyes has indicated that further development of the course is imminent: ‘’It is clear from the high levels of response that there is a demand for information about the application of gas safety standards within the industry. Having carried out market research we are in the process of launching a parallel course for Estate Managers for organisations and individuals managing gas with commercial applications.’’

Details about the availability and starter dates for the new course can be found at www.corgitechnical.com or by contacting us at training@corgitechnical.com or call 01256 548040

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