Lee Woods, Regional Gas Assurance Manager, for Your Housing Group on hearing he had passed his CORGI Level 4 VRQ in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing:-

“OH MY GOSH I AM SO HAPPY!!!  Wow what a great way to start the day, a HUGE THANK YOU to you and the team for helping me pass this course, I have found it extremely satisfying and this has increased my knowledge in Gas in Social Housing environment exponentially, I am so pleased. THANK YOU !!”

Brian Turner of Swale Heating on completing the CORGI Level 3 VRQ in Gas Auditing Processes:

“I have found your course to be one of the best that I have attended. It has opened my eyes in many areas, and at times it has been very challenging, but at the same time most enjoyable. I will most certainly recommend this course to all others. I thank you all for your time, and knowledge. The course and the support you provide is outstanding, I hope that I get the chance to complete other course that you hold.”

Dave Watts, Gas Engineer at Lambeth Living, successfully completed both the Level 4 VRQ in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing and the Level 4 VRQ in Gas Safety in Facilities Management:

“The courses have made me feel more confident in my role, filled in gaps in my knowledge and should increase my value as an employee. I should be very well qualified for any role in gas management.”

Lyndsay Moffat, Senior Housing Officer for Gardeen Housing Association:

“I have really enjoyed it (Level 4 VRQ in Social Housing) and I have learned a lot from it. It was very challenging at times but once you came back with revisions and pointed me in the right direction I could see where I had went wrong and it clicked into place what had happened the first time! Many thanks and I’m very pleased.”

Laura Hills, Technical Coordinator for Cambridge City Council successfully completed the Level 4 VRQ in Gas Safety in Social Housing:

“Thank you so much Kim. You have been absolutely amazing in all this. Thank you so much for everything. I have enjoyed it but I’m also relieved as I was really starting to worry about my job but this has now given me confidence.”

Laura Holdcroft, Gas Administrator at Peaks & Plains Housing Trust,who is also registered blind, completed the Level 4 VRQ in Social Housing. The Trust has over 5,000 homes with a gas supply:

“It took twelve months of study and practice to achieve the certificate but I am very proud to be one of the first three women in the UK to achieve this. We have an excellent record for maintaining gas servicing levels and I will now work with the rest of the team to ensure this high standard continues.”

Joe Fisher was the first to complete the Level 3 VRQ in Gas Auditing Processes qualification. Joe, who carries out gas auditing for CORGI Technical Services, has been delivering gas safety auditing to Housing Leeds, Leeds City Council since September 2011.

“This course has emphasised the importance of documentation throughout the auditing process and highlights the factors to consider when working in someone’s home both from a gas safety and health and safety perspective. It has helped to provide me with invaluable information.”

Sarah Johnson, Gas Team Maintenance Assistant (Central), emh homes:

“I enjoyed the Level 2 course and enjoyed learning something new which is relevant to my role. I found the course informative and have learnt lots of new facts”


Technical Services:

“CORGI really helped us to focus on the key technical and process issues that required immediate attention and they acted as a critical friend as we developed our new procedures.”

Falkirk Housing and Social Work Services

‘The service CORGI provide to North Lincolnshire Council is First class, not only do they provide an independent third party audit they also provide peace of mind and have enabled us to work with our gas partners to improve their performance.’

Mick Roberts
Gas and Solid Fuel Manager, North Lincolnshire Council

‘Since contracting CORGI to carry out audits and quality checks over two years ago, North Lanarkshire Council have been extremely pleased with the standard of work and advice provided, which enables the Council to meet its duties under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations and in particular the Council’s duty as a Landlord.’

Joe Kennedy
Specialist Services Manager, North Lanarkshire Council

‘CORGI and 2010 Rotherham ltd (previously Rotherham Borough Council) have worked together for a period of five years now. The benefits have been; the provision of a very effective quality audit framework that can be used on a daily basis, a much focused approach leading to improved performance within the industry and help and support in gaining CORGI Certification status. Our organisation welcomes this approach to effective management within the industry to create continuous improvements, and look forward to working with CORGI on an annual basis.’

Paul Ruston
Mechanical & Electrical Services Manager, Asset Management, 2010 Rotherham Ltd

‘My personal experience of CORGI is that they offer concise guidance and effective support on gas related issues. They also provide excellent training for both Technical and non Technical staff and publish clearly interpretable audit reports on my gas contractors’ performance and capability.’

Cheryl Annison
Technical Services Manager, Places for People Group (Southern Region).

‘In this day and age it is rare to attend a Seminar that is as interesting and informative as the CORGI Seminars I attended with my teams in the North and the South. The information provided was invaluable and the ambience during the Seminars was relaxed and most enjoyable – an ideal environment for information exchange. The excellent assistance and coordination received in arranging our seminars and the ongoing advice received from your Auditing Contract Managers following the seminars has been very welcome and most responsive. Thank you CORGI.’

Mick Stimson
UK Standards Officer, Clearsprings Management Ltd.

‘I would like to offer on behalf of Accent’s Maintenance Teams our sincere thanks for the presentation you provided at our most recent Technical Conference….the feed back from delegates was very enthusiastic….I would be very happy if you would consider doing a similar presentation in the future if the occasion arises.’

Paul Broadbent
Head of Property Services and Assets, Accent Group Ltd

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the Gas Seminar at Letchworth….it would appear that everyone attending gained some benefit from the programme.’

Marie Pierce
Health and Safety Awareness Officer, Health and Safety Executive

‘I am writing to thank you for your valuable contribution at the Repairs and Maintenance Conference. Your workshop sessions were very well received and fitted well within a very successful conference programme….the feed back was very positive and we are extremely happy with the event.’

Paula-Marie Brown
Chartered Institute of Housing

‘I have been working with CORGI for the last 3 Years. Over that period they have provided assistance and help in the following areas of work; the re-writing and updating of our Gas Management procedures, carrying out management audits on our new and existing contractors, undertaking post inspections and work in progress inspections on our gas servicing contractors, providing training to our staff and supplying telephone advice about individual problems as required.
Whilst undertaking all of the above I feel that the recommendations given have been very professional, and any technical recommendations have been as up to date as possible.
Overall I have been very impressed with CORGI and feel that they have helped our organisation gain its present ‘best practice’ acknowledgement from our monitoring body.’

Eddie Woollock
Senior Technical Officer, Shoreline Housing Partnership

‘I have found the advice and audits carried out by CORGI very professional and very useful in providing information to improve staff awareness and contractor performance. It has also improved customer service and confidence.’

Steve Holbrook
Planned & Major Repairs Manager, Central & East Region, North British Housing.

‘CORGI offered an excellent personal service, tailored exactly to our needs and expectations. The service was friendly, professional and reliable.’

Paul Gilfoyle
West Lancashire District Council

‘I would have no hesitation in recommending CORGI in assisting other organisations in developing policies and procedures along with quality assurance inspections, as this has helped Hull City Council move forward with our Gas Safety management regime.’

Brian Steels
Senior Gas Maintenance Officer
Hull City Council (Building Services)