Benefits of CDMS

What are the key benefits of using the CORGI Compliance Document Management System?


Top level management overview gives real time compliance status

  • Helps ensure you are meeting all regulatory requirements by highlighting non-compliance automatically

Instant detailed information highlighting areas of risk

  • Saves time and resources and reduces incidents and claims by analysing properties needing attention
  • Live asset data captured by qualified engineers which is continuously updated

More effective management with all gas and electrical compliance documents in one system

  • Allows effective management of properties, contractors & workforce
  • Ensures accuracy of asset investment & lifecycle plans are accurate and not based solely on due dates
  • Significant reduced remedial rectification times as documents undergo a QA process instantly and can be returned to the contractor the same day if there are any areas of concern
  • Improved contractor performance management with the ability to cross reference the contractor’s training matrix with engineers working on their assets

Redeployment of workforce from document analysis to physical inspections

  • Increases time spent by resources on-site, mitigating risk
  • Automatic analysis of large quantities of data removes the need for manual processing and saves time
  • Simplification of processes