Bill Paton from CORGI calls for more vigilance on CO monitoring from all fossil fuel appliances

It is important to remember that it is not just natural gas appliances that can cause issues with CO.

Any fossil fuel has the possibility to burn incorrectly and produces CO as has been found recently with a fatality caused by BBQ’s being used inside tents

We recently investigated a double fatality and found a solid fuel appliance not being maintained correctly leaving the flue blocked and producing extremely high levels of CO.

Also the recent popularity of log burning appliances raises issues when being installed as a DIY project and consumers not understanding the major possibility of CO if the flue is not fitted correctly.

Constant low level exposure is not getting the coverage in the media and this is also a concern as the symptoms are sometimes not as severe but can cause long term damage to health.

CORGI are contracted to do CO investigations have recently had to do investigations into CO incidents which have been raised by the NHS. Parts of the NHS have been conducting tests for CO in the blood of pregnant women whilst carrying out their antenatal checks. The concern is that there is no consistent approach in the health care arena

The number of incidents over last winter is considerably higher than last year which causing alarm.

Our concerns are this winter it could considerable worse