Bill Paton Interviewed by Housing News

Bill Paton, CEO of CORGI Technical Services is interviewed by

Bill Paton

How did you get started in the industry?
I was recruited by Servowarm in the 80’s as a Regional Service Manager looking after 80 Service Engineers a Sales Force and Installers

Was it something you always wanted to do?
I have been lucky in my life and have achieved a lot so this question is quite hard but after some thought represent my Country at the Olympics

Your biggest professional achievement:
Becoming a Managing Director in my twenties

Your biggest mistake:
Not going to University it was not the thing a lad from a working class back ground did in those days.

Best advice you received:
Learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to make a decision

What’s the best aspect of your job?
Working with a great team of experts making a difference in Gas Safety

And the worst?
Having to investigate another death from Carbon Monoxide

What you would most like to change in construction?
Regulating the emerging Renewable Industry there has been so much poor advice and installation issues. The industry needs to ensure that the consumer is protected from bad practice.

Best thing to happen to the industry in the past decade?
A real push on Renewable energy

Do you read a daily newspaper?
No I tend to use the internet

How are you making more use of the internet?
We administer all of our Auditors and Gas safety experts using the internet, Our Gas Experts are working all over the world and they need to access our knowledge bank at all times night and day so it is an essential tool for our business.

Hobbies and interests:
I play golf badly but still keep trying to get my handicap down from 28! I also have keen interest in nice cars

Favourite holiday destination?
Still looking, I love to travel and have been blessed and fortunate that I have been well travelled.

Favourite band/music?
I like most music at the moment it is Pendulum their new album Immersion is great.