Bournemouth Borough Council achieves the industry’s gas safety quality standard ‘CORGI Accreditation’


Bournemouth Borough Council has achieved the industry’s gas safety quality standard of ‘CORGI Accreditation’, a process which gives universal recognition for their gas safety management systems.

The CORGI Quality Gas Safety Management Accreditation was set up by CORGI Technical Services to assess the quality of management systems and processes in place within an organisation for achieving safe gas work. Bournemouth Borough Council was assessed by technical experts from CORGI and the accreditation is valid for three years.

Peter Smith, Senior Building Surveyor at Bournemouth Borough Council said: “We are very pleased to have achieved this quality standard. Our motive in gaining accreditation was primarily to be able to demonstrate to our residents (and other organisations if required) that we are performing at a high level in regard to gas safety. We expected that the process would be onerous and we were not disappointed, having to focus on the relevant issues together with the specific responsibilities of individuals involved was a team building exercise in itself.”

Bournemouth Borough Council have around 3800 properties which have domestic gas heating, mostly consists of two to three bedroomed housing. Total housing is stock is 5,140, with around 600 flats enjoying communal gas heating. The remaining 700 properties still have electric E7 which is replaced upon request subject to budget limitations of £500k annually.

CORGI Accreditation is available to residential housing providers and includes annual surveillance visits. Assessments are made of

  • Gas safety policy
  • Procedures for gas emergencies, compliance, access, voids and contractors
  • Documentation
  • Training and qualifications mechanisms
  • Technical support procedures for engineers
  • Managing standards of gas work

CORGI Technical Services has many years’ experience in developing gas safety systems and works with organisations where gas safety is vital.

Peter added: “The accreditation is vital to demonstrate our commitment to the service we provide. Having class leading policies and procedures together with a motivated work-force will also increase the gas safety of our housing stock, act as a bench mark for other services to copy within the organisation and provide confidence to senior management that the gas section is compliant, high performing and committed. The re-inspection regime keeps people alert and focused on the relevant issues which keeps standards from dropping and will lead to an increase in the morale of the staff involved. They know that they are working in an environment which aspires to continually improve and be at the forefront of gas safety management.”

“We also hope that it will give us an opportunity to liaise with other high performing accredited organisations to set standards for bench marking and to discuss various initiatives such as performance, forced access or leaseholder issues.”

Claire Heyes, Joint CEO of CORGI Technical Services commented: “There is an increasing need for social housing providers to demonstrate that they have a commitment to gas safety both for their tenants, customers and staff. CORGI Accreditation is a valuable independent endorsement for an organisation so that they can demonstrate that they have robust up to date gas safety systems in place. The Accreditation process will also help an organisation identify where there might be risks and help them to close these off.”

“I would like to congratulate Bournemouth Borough Council on completing their CORGI Accreditation,” continued Claire. “They are showing considerable leadership and initiative in putting their organisation through the rigorous Accreditation process and it is an achievement of which they should feel very proud.”