Carbon Monoxide Trends Report – 1996 to 2010

The Gas Safety Trust is proud to have commissioned and published this factual report which relates to reportable carbon monoxide incidents linked to piped natural gas over the last 14 years.

The key outcomes show:

  • Reduction in fatalities from 21 in 1996/7 to 4 in 2009/10
  • Non fatal injuries fallen from 142 to 115 over the same period
  • Highlighted that over 70 year olds have a five times greater risk of being poisoned
  • Private landlord residents are at 50% greater risk than owner/occupier or social landlord
  • Central heating appliances relate to over 66% of reportable CO incidents
  • Older central heating systems, older than 21 years, account for 50% of incidents

The focus recommendations of the Gas Safety Trust – Trends Report 2011:

  • Elderly gas users
  • Highlight responsibilities of private landlords and review legislation
  • Age of central heating boilers
  • Ongoing surveillance of unregistered gas operatives

Click here to download a copy of the Gas Safety Trust Trends Report – 1996 to 2010

We hope you find this report informative, useful and of value in understanding the focus that the gas industry and associations need to consider focussing upon hopefully working in partnership with The Gas Safety Trust.