CD241 – Proposals to review HSE’s Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs)

This consultation sets out HSE’s proposals to review its Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs) as recommended by Professor Löfstedt’s independent review of health and safety legislation ‘Reclaiming health and safety for all’. It seeks views on proposals for the revision, consolidation or withdrawal of 15 ACOPs which are to be delivered by end-2013 and on proposals for minor revisions, or no changes, to a further 15 ACOPs which are to be delivered by 2014. These include a proposal to withdraw the ACOP for the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and replace it with a suite of more specific, updated guidance by 2013. It also seeks views on a proposal to limit all ACOP documents to a maximum length of 32 pages, other than in exceptional circumstances.

You can also view and comment on individual ACOPs in which you have an interest. You are recommended to read the background provided in the consultative document before responding to the consultation questions.

Section 1 – Proposals to revise, consolidate or withdraw ACOPs

Section 2 – Proposals to make minor amendments or no changes to ACOPs

Section 3 – Introducing a limit on the length of ACOPs

This consultation began on 25 June 2012 and ends on 14 September 2012

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