Consultation on building safety regulatory system reform

On 6 June the Government published a consultation document – “Proposals for reform of the building safety regulatory system” It is seeking views on the proposals for a radically new building and fire safety system which puts residents’ safety at its heart. It looks at how we change behaviours and culture, and ensure we all know our responsibilities for complex residential buildings. Not just new-builds but also existing stock. The consultation also asks if it should include other types of residential/non-residential building.

The Association of Safety & Compliance Professionals (ASCP) have written a white paper on the consultation, which is available to all members of the ASCP, AGSM and AESM in the member portal of their respective websites. The Association has also drafted a response to the consultation but is keen to hear the views of members and non-members on this important topic. This can be done through the dedicated survey portal, or by via email. The consultation closes at the end of July, so please respond early to ensure your views are included.


If you are not a member of one of the above mentioned associations but would like to request a copy of the white paper, please email