CORGI creates new safety qualification

CORGI Technical Services has created a new Vocationally Related Qualification (VRQ) qualification, specifically for front-line social housing staff, to raise their awareness of gas safety issues.

The Level 2 VRQ, accredited by training provider EAL, was designed after requests by several housing associations, who wanted a recognised qualification to demonstrate the commitment of their organisation to gas safety with relevant, quality training.

The new Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing course is suitable for housing officers, social Workers, surveyors, maintenance Operatives, call centre staff, gas admin staff and voids officers.

The course consists of a half day training programme which is delivered by an experienced gas expert from CORGI’s training team. It covers a range of issues including:

*  Gas awareness – an understanding of how gas behaves is it leaks and how it burns safely
*  Carbon monoxide (CO) awareness – an explanation of how CO is produced, what it does to the body and how to recognise the symptoms of CO poisoning
*  CO detection – understanding the safety measures that can reduce the risk of CO poisoning
*  Safe gas appliances – identifying good combustion and unsafe appliances/installations
*  Landlord Responsibilities and Legislation – an overview of the legal requirements placed on social landlords
*  Gas Safe Registration – an understanding of the registration requirements and how to check operatives qualifications
*  Dealing with reports of fumes and gas escapes – how to keep your customers/tenants safe in their homes.

Claire Heyes, joint chief executive officer of CORGI Technical Services, said: “Our clients saw the success of the Level 4 VRQ for managers in social housing who are responsible for gas safety and requested a recognised qualification that a wide range of other front line staff could take to raise their awareness of gas safety issues. This Level 2 VRQ has been developed specifically to meet this need. We believe it will be suitable for a range of staff who might encounter issues relating to gas safety and will help to keep tenants safe and ensure the organisations meet their legal requirements.”

Course dates have been set for January and February 2013 at venues accross the country, and in-house courses can also be run on request.

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