CORGI Recruitment formed specifically to serve the gas and renewable industry

CORGI Recruitment is a new recruitment organisation formed specifically to serve the gas and renewable industry.
Two established and respected companies have joined together to pool their expertise to provide the industry (estimated to employ some 235,000 people) a dedicated service run by a team that understands the specialist needs of recruiting into the sector.

CORGI Technical Services the gas safety consultants and Pertemps the privately owned recruitment specialist have come together to provide a specifically tailored approach that caters to the needs of all parts of the gas and renewable industry.

CORGI Technical Services Joint CEO, Bill Paton spoke at the official launch of the new business, saying ’’ There has definitely been a gap in the market for this type of offer; I can speak from personal experience of the enormous difficulties encountered in, for example, mass recruitment of engineers in an extremely competitive environment.’’ He continued ‘’ for those managers who find themselves in such a situation it is a pressure they could do without whilst they are trying to carry out their everyday responsibilities, and that’s where CORGI Recruitment comes into the equation.

Pertemps Business Development Manager, Carey Munn takes up the theme ‘’when researching the sector one of the recurring themes was that operational managers wanted service providers that could effectively carry out the professional recruitment practices – that’s a given – what they searched for and could not find was such a provider that actually understood the practicalities of the gas industry at whatever level and one that tailored its offer to closely match those requirements.’’

Eddie Stanton, CORGI Technical Services Commercial Director continued ‘’ we have been working for some time now behind the scenes, taking the appropriate knowledge from within both organisations to ensure that our offer is differentiated, competitive and tailored to give the customer what they need. We believe that we are now able to do exactly that, from mass recruitment of engineers to specialist selection for commercial and technical positions.’’

Mr. Paton continued ‘’ what was vitally important to both parties is that we shared the same passion for customer service and delivery, with that passion comes a real opportunity to service the utilities, gas and renewable industry in a manner that adds real value to the recruitment process’’