Edward Davey comment on Ofgem’s report on CERT & CESP

Commenting on Ofgem’s report on CERT (Carbon Emission Reduction Target) & CESP (Community Energy Saving Programme), Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey said:

“More than six million households are warmer and enjoying lower bills as a result of these schemes.

“We have ensured mass mail-outs of light bulbs that went unused were banned and insulation rates were pushed to record levels.

“But that was just the start. The new Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation go one better. They put choice in the hands of householders allowing them to cost effectively insulate their homes and keep bills down. The scheme also pumps billions into the sector.

“We will be rigorously monitoring the energy companies to make sure the most vulnerable homes get the help they need.

“I am disappointed that under the old schemes, some companies failed to meet their obligations. Ofgem will be conducting a thorough investigation and will take any necessary enforcement action. We are already acting through the Energy Bill to give Ofgem the teeth it needs in future to get compensation to those directly affected.”