Gas Access Campaign invited to discuss campaign proposals with HSE, HCA & Government stakeholders



The leaders of the Gas Access Campaign, who want a change in the law to improve gas safety for millions of people, have been invited to discuss the campaign proposals with the HSE (Health & Safety Executive), HCA (Homes & Communities Agency) and other Government stakeholders at a meeting in Westminster in July 2015.

Claire Heyes, CEO of the Association of Gas Safety Managers (AGSM) and Mark Henderson, CE of Home Group, will be attending the meeting on behalf of the campaign, whose supporters include over 200 housing associations, local authorities, MPs, Peers and industry leaders. The Gas Access Campaign is calling for changes to legislation used to ensure social landlords can carry out timely annual statutory gas safety checks and a new MOT style of servicing boilers. The Campaign estimates that £0.5 billion could be saved over the next decade by adopting these changes.

Claire Heyes commented: “We welcome this meeting which has been called by the HCA and HSE. It is a very positive step forward in our campaign and is an indication that our messages are getting through to the right people.”

Mark Henderson, Chief Executive of Home Group said: “The Campaign has attracted significant support within the sector. We’ve already met with Government on this and it’s very encouraging that two of the departments which are most affected called this meeting. It shows real commitment to understanding the issues surrounding gas safety and a willingness to listen possible solutions.”