GSHAUS Seminar

Gas in Social Housing and Acting on Unsafe Situations – Seminar (for Engineers)

The Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure was originally issued in 1998 by CORGI (the registration scheme administrator at the time) to provide guidance to registered engineers when encountering unsafe situations and required to comply with Regulation 34 of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations.

The current version of the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure is owned and issued by IGEM as IGEM/G/11 Edition 2, Communication 1840 with amendments in January 2021.

Gas Engineers working in social housing need to be aware of the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure as well as landlords duties so that they can support the landlords they work with.

Engineers should understand why they are asked to perform certain tasks in a certain way in the social housing sector. This seminar has been designed with that in mind and to promote best practice for gas engineers acting on unsafe situations in a social housing environment.

The seminar covers:

  • Landlords duties and how engineers can support the landlord in satisfying those duties
  • A discussion around some of the myths surrounding landlords duties and completion of Landlords Gas Safety Records (LGSRs/CP12s)
  • What engineers need to do in certain situations, including examples of unsafe situations, to meet their obligations as a gas engineer and to support the landlord in satisfying their duties
  • Review of the Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure, current edition and changes from previous versions
  • Comprehensive Question and Answer session with a CORGI Technical Safety Manager
  • To enable engineers and businesses to remain up to date, CORGI Technical Services have developed a 3-hour seminar to inform and update staff. This is currently being delivered online. Course assessment will include a multiple choice questionnaire at the end of the seminar.

    Please call 01256 548040 or email for more details.