Letter by Edward Davey submitted for print in the Telegraph regarding the Green Deal.

In response to article “Families questioned over TV and baths”, Daily Telegraph, 24 January 2013.



Your caricature of the Green Deal [“Families questioned over TV and baths”, Daily Telegraph, 24 January] ignores the benefits for hard pressed families.

The people actually getting ripped off, are those paying way more than they need to to heat the air around their house, because they live in draughty properties.

The Green Deal will help people get the cosy, warm houses they’ve always wanted, replacing their old boiler, or perhaps getting double glazing.

This will help them heat their houses for less, save energy, and help reduce climate change emissions at the same time – win, win, win.

Of course the experts working on your house will need to know basic details about your energy use to work out how best to save you money.

That is just common-sense, not an invasion of privacy.

All the work will be done by approved companies with the skills to deliver and paid for through energy bills, not in a lump sum up-front.

The interest rates will be competitive with the high street.

But the Green Deal golden rule guarantees that expected savings on bills will be at least as big as the repayment, including the interest rate.

So whatever work is done, whatever finance package is in place – you’re quids in

Your house will be modernised, cheaper to run and more desirable to prospective buyers.

Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Edward Davey, Energy and Climate Change Secretary