Landlord issues seven day gas check ultimatum


Bron Afon Community Housing has announced it is taking this tough stance to ensure 100 per cent of its homes receive the annual gas check required by law.

Tenants who are not present when engineers call, or do not let the engineers in, will be given seven days to contact the housing association to rearrange or legal action will start.

A letter will be sent out giving the tenant a 28-day notice that the housing association will be seeking possession on the grounds they have breached their tenancy agreement.

Dave Sharman, Bron Afon’s director of property, said: ‘It may only be around five homes that we are trying to get into but we want every home to have this annual check which by law must happen.

‘We take gas safety very seriously and sometimes we have to be “cruel to be kind”. We don’t want to evict anyone, but we will if they don’t let us in to do the gas service. I’d rather see a tenant evicted than die from carbon monoxide poisoning.’

Bron Afon’s latest figures show 99.96 per cent of the 9,000 homes it manages are up-to-date with their annual check.