Landlords of 3 million people call for renewed ECO commitment


Along with academics, contractors and others, they have praised its role in reducing energy bills and together they asked for David Cameron to renew his commitment to ECO1 and ECO2.

The letters affirms the impact ECO is having on reducing fuel poverty and the economic benefits of having insulation installed.

Andrew Eagles, managing director of Sustainable Homes said: ‘The current uncertainty over the future of ECO is already having a damaging impact as social landlords rethink their plans. Many of our members are becoming uncertain about this much needed investment. This will have perverse impact, increasing fuel bills and reducing employment.

‘We do not accept that measures such as ECO are the cause of increasing energy bills. Indeed they are in the front line of tackling fuel poverty and reducing its impact.’

Energy suppliers are obliged to help improve the efficiency of homes, with a particular focus on vulnerable people and properties that are hard to improve, under ECO.

The group includes the SHIFT best practice group and some of the largest landlords in the country and the letter highlighted thousands of projects the landlords were undertaking across the country to improve homes in some of our most impoverished communities.

The letter, dated yesterday, concluded with: ‘We ask that you take urgent action to recognise the benefits of investment in the housing stock by social landlords and retain and improve ECO 1 and ECO 2 for the long term.’

ECO Letter