Liverpool Mutual Homes put the Gas Safety message on the road!


Getting the gas safety message across to tenants can take creative and imaginative methods! Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH) took their message out on to the roads during Gas Safety Week in September in the form of an Ad Van that they drove around Liverpool close to their properties. Calling their awareness campaign “Making Sure You’re Gas Safe” LMH parked outside some key properties so that the eight foot long and seven foot high AdVan could make an impression!

Barry Jones, Gas Co-ordinator for Liverpool Mutual Homes commented: “It is hard to get the message across to tenants that we need to access their properties regularly to carry out free gas safety checks. We felt that we needed to be bold to get the message across. We find getting access to properties can be the hardest part of our job and it is crucial for both the resident family and their neighbours that we get into the properties to carry out checks.”

Claire Heyes, Joint CEO of CORGI Technical Services, said: “This is an excellent initiative and we are delighted to support this project by Liverpool Mutual Homes. Getting the message across to tenants to give access for gas safety checks is a key step in ensuring that there is the highest level of gas safety.”