Nudging up Compliance






NEW Ground breaking method of improving Access to properties for Landlords

  • Understand your tenants’ behavioural barriers
  • Explore ways of changing tenant behaviour
  • Implement small changes that will have a big impact
  • Engage with tenants to improve access
  • Improve your levels of gas safety compliance
  • Reduce your costs

Improved levels of compliance ► Improved access►Reduced costs

Landlords’ gas safety compliance will cost the social housing sector over £½ billion over the next decade, so reducing the cost of compliance is a significant driver for the sector.

This NEW programme will engage organisations across the UK in a large scale controlled trial to devise new approaches to gain access. This mirrors work being done across government in ‘Nudge’ programmes with great success at a relatively small cost – this NEW project is the perfect complement to the objectives of the Gas Access Campaign.

Read about the work of the Government’s ‘Nudge Unit’.

Claire Heyes, CEO at CORGI Technical Services, said, “This project provides the perfect complement to our Gas Safety Access campaign. As a sector, we need to do whatever we can to reduce the unnecessary costs associated with compliance and CORGI is committed to leading from the front on behalf of its members. We expect this project to deliver real innovation for the sector and immediate bottom line benefits for the organisations that choose to participate.”

Try a new approach!  

Join the “Nudging up Compliance – Driving down costs” project which will

  • Identify priority tenant segments
  • Model the true cost of compliance
  • Engage with tenants to understand behavioural barriers
  • Design a range of interventions to increase the rate of access
  • Test the effectiveness of the interventions through a large scale randomised controlled trial
  • Provide full support from the project team

DOWNLOAD the Nudging up Compliance – Driving down Costs Flyer HERE CORGI Nudging up Compliance 

Make your own calculations using the Gas Access Waste Estimator which shows how much you could be wasting in your organisation each year. CLICK HERE to go to the Gas Access Waste Estimator.

“At Hyde we estimated the cost of complying with this legislation aggregates to around £40 per property on average.  This amount covers the over-programming, the employment of special compliance officers and admin staff, the use of legal services and court costs.  This is in addition to the actual cost of the gas safety check itself. For Hyde’s 25,000 properties which have gas heating, this equates to £1m a year.”

Participate in this major new project! Register your interest NOW!

Open to a maximum of 35 organisations, including landlords and contractors.

  • Be the pioneers in a major new project
  • Be the first to see the cost & compliance benefits of working effectively with your tenants
  • THREE levels of participation have been designed to make the project accessible and affordable to a wide range of orgnisations

Project led jointly by gas experts CORGI Technical Services & behavioural change experts Collaborative Change and O’Halloran Consultancy.

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