Raising awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide

CORGI has been working for many years to promote greater awareness of the dangers of CO (carbon monoxide) for tenants and residents. This culminated in a series of twenty-two Seminars sponsored by the Gas Safety Trust which were given to Housing Associations across the UK. In addition a two day Seminar was given in Northern Ireland where the presentation was given to both NI HSE delegates and also those from the various Housing Associations throughout Northern Ireland.

Throughout the programme the seminars have been very well attended, and the interaction between our presenters and delegates has been very encouraging, promoting a greater awareness of the issues surrounding gas safety within the Social Housing Arena.

Thanks to the donation from the Gas Safety Trust we presented to 77 organisations, raising their awareness of gas safety issues and the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Individual Authorities can contact CORGI to arrange these seminars in their own right by contacting us on info@trustcorgi.org or 01256 548040 at any time.

The Silent Killer – Raising the Alarm!!

The threat of carbon monoxide (CO) exposure and the risks associated with that exposure are well documented.

The Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services, as well as the HSE and the Health Protection Agency, have dealt with carbon monoxide related incidents for years. However the major issue for all emergency responders remains the early identification of patients who have been exposed where the classic indicators are not present.

Carbon monoxide is the silent killer. The threat comes in many guises and is relevant to both the business and residential sections of all our communities.

A study carried out by the Gas Safety Trust reported 50 carbon monoxide poisoning incidents were reported this year resulting in over 100 casualties and eight deaths!

Worryingly the use of carbon monoxide alarms remains limited when compared to the use of smoke alarms.  This means the early warning systems are not in place and exposures to carbon monoxide can be prolonged and in some cases fatal.

CO alarms have a limited life of up to five years due to sensor ageing. The reliability of CO detectors is very important and the devices should be tested as prescribed within manufacturer’s instructions.

Did you know…….the test button on a CO Alarm, in most cases, only tests the circuitry not the alarm’s ability to test for CO!

It is best practice to use an appropriate test gas to deliver a calibrated dose of test gas (CO) to the sensor at a level required by the relevant standard to trigger a response. This will ensure the device is capable of sensing CO and help keep the occupants safe.

Carbon Monoxide awareness programme in Merseyside

CORGI is working with the Merseyside Fire Brigade to raise awareness of all matters CO and the steps that home occupiers can take to protect themselves and their families in the fight against CO poisoning.

Did you know for example, that the Fire Brigades across the UK have resources allocated to make home visits to educate residents, and that one of their priorities is to raise awareness particularly amongst those classed as ‘Fuel Poor’? Is this something you might want to know more about and take advantage of?   If so why not contact us for more information on enquiries@corgitechnical.com or 01256 548040

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