07 NOVEMBER 2012

The Renewable Heat Incentive team will be running a webchat on Thursday 08 November at 1100 to answer your questions on the Domestic and Non-Domestic consultations that opened on 20 September 2012.

Questions will be answered by:

  • Patrick Allcorn – Head of the Domestic Scheme
  • Andrej Miller – Non-Domestic Policy lead

We will open the webchat for questions in advance on 08 November at 0830 for those who cannot make the live event.

We will try and get through as many questions as possible in the hour and will follow up afterwards to address any additional key themes that have been raised. Please note that all questions should be relevent to the consultations.

Comments and issues raised as part of the webchat will be used to inform our analysis of RHI policy as part of our wider programme of stakeholder engagement during the consultation period.

More detailed, formal responses to the consultations can be submitted online, via email or post. The consultations close on Friday 07 December 2012.