Saltire flying the flag at the Heating and Ventilation News Awards

Glasgow, UK: Saltire Facilities Management Limited, one of the largest providers of gas central heating and electrical servicing in the UK, has been shortlisted for the Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year at the 2015 Heating and Ventilation News Awards.

Billed as the Oscars of the building service industry, the winners represent the very best in their respected field. While it is some time until the winners are announced, reaching the final shortlist is no mean feat explains John Reynolds, Director – Technical Services for Saltire

“As a company that services over 80,000 homes across the UK we know how tough it is to stay on top of your game. We’ve been doing this now for over 14 years and are immensely proud of the service we provide to our social housing partners and private landlords alike. With the help of some great technology and the engagement of a great team of engineers and operational staff we have been able to show consistently high levels of service in a heavily regulated and competitive environment.”

Saltire partnered with Technology provider Aeromark in 2012/13 with a view establishing processes which gave them and the wider industry a full performance view of the operation. Certain of the company’s unrivalled quality of service we were on a mission to gather the information to prove beyond doubt our capability and service excellence in this market, explains Aaron Saunders, Director of Business Compliance & Risk.

“Saying you are the best in this market is easy, proving it is a different matter. Our partnership with Aeromark not only allows us to show our results and prove value to our partners, but also allows us to identify new areas in our business where we can make additional improvements.”

Aeromark’s Workflow Scheduling Platform allows Saltire to create and allocate jobs in a way that marries operational capability, client demand and contract performance seamlessly. Coupled with other integrated technologies Saltire is able to produce a minute by minute view of its workforce. “Embracing technology is key to driving efficiencies and performance” explains Aeromark’s Managing Director Roger Marks.

“Technology can often be a leap of faith, it’s difficult to let go of things that you have always done and put your faith in future. Saltire has been quick to see the capability of the Aeromark platform and has galvanized its workforce to get behind the technology. The results speak for themselves.”

Amongst many performance enhancements Saltire is able to provide audit information like never before. For a company whose reputation for delivering first class service and quality is a key part of its differentiation and audit trail, allowing external assessment of its credentials is a must. The company is fully compliant and accredited with ISO 9001 and has been at the very top of its performance according to recent CORGI Audits.

Kevin Winship, Technical Safety Manager for CORGI Technical Services commented on Saltire being shortlisted for the H & V News Awards: “We are very pleased to support Saltire in being shortlisted for this award. The company has worked hard over the last few years to raise standards in gas safety and to come up with innovative ways to meet their client’s obligations. Their record across the social housing sector is extremely good, delivering quality work and accurate documentation. We wish them luck with this Award.”

John Clarke, OBE, Saltire’s Group Chairman congratulated the Management team in leading the organization firmly into the 21st Century saying “ I am enormously proud of the leadership team who have embraced a vision of operational excellence through the implementation of world leading technology and processes. The results are clear to see and I look forward to many more years of setting the standards in our industry.”