We give international support to the travel industry by carrying out technical visits to the countries in which they operate. We compile reports and make recommendations for the hoteliers’ to improve the gas safety of their accommodation and fossil fuel installations.

In 2004 we were approached by The Specialist Holiday Group, which was part of the Thomson Group, to advise them on installation of instantaneous gas heaters for holiday accommodation units on campsites throughout Europe. We designed a system that allowed the appliance to be fitted in a safe manner so that the Company could safely resume selling holidays containing gas water heating appliances.

The Thomas Cook Group recognised the importance of gas safety in holiday accommodation and approached CORGI to train their Health and Safety Managers to a competent level to evaluate areas that could be considered an issue. This evolved into working with ABTA and the Federation of Tour Operators (FTO) in compiling a risk assessment procedure for the travel industry which is widely used by the tour operators.


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