Technical Bulletins

Here you will find a selected number of Gas Safe Technical Bulletins that will assist you or a learner with completing the VRQ Level 4 assignments.
 TB 000 – Index of published Gas Safe Register Technical Bulletins Issue 001 2021 – January 2021
 TB 002 (A) Dangerous gas fittings – RIDDOR reporting England Scotland and Wales
 TB 002 (B) Dangerous gas fittings – RIDDOR reporting Northern Ireland
 TB 005 (A) – Gas cookers in internal kitchens Eng Wales IOM Guernsey – Vent requirements
 TB 005 (B) – Gas cookers in internal kitchens Scotland – Vent requirements
 TB 005 (C) – Gas cookers in internal kitchens Northern Ireland Ventilation requirements
 TB 006 – Industry guidance checking seals on RS positive pressure appliance cases
 TB 008 Ed 3 – Existing concealed room-sealed fanned-draught boiler chimney – flue systems
 TB 015 – Requirement to install appliances with FSD in flats and other multi-occupancy buildings
 TB 016 -Room-sealed flue-chimney terminations – pluming – plume management kits new drawings
TB 036 – Fixed hobs and ovens – Flexible gas supplies
 TB 039 – Ducted warm air heaters – History of return air arrangements
TB 040 – Meter Box – Installation pipe sleeving
 TB 044 – Flame-failure protection on new and previously used gas catering equipment
 TB 051 – Ventilation of kitchens in commercial catering establishments
 TB 054 – Leakage of combustion products from positive-pressure fan-assisted flue boilers
 TB 055 – Duties of landlords – 2019 revision
 TB 071 – Checking the operating pressure of the meter regulator Natural gas
 TB 076 – Electronic records and signatures
 TB 084 – The prohibition of two pliable connectors on a domestic gas meter installation
TB 087 – Warm air heaters – spillage testing requirements
 TB 088 – Flueless gas fires – the importance of correct installation and commissioning
 TB 089 – Requesting a gas supply to a domestic property
 TB 091 Decommissioning part of a combined gas appliance
TB 092 – Domestic ducted warm air heaters and systems
 TB 102 – Location of protective equipotential bonding on gas pipework in domestic premises
TB 104 – Installation of thermoplastic storage cisterns and the safety of immersion heater thermostats
 TB 105 – Non-room-sealed gas appliances located in sleeping accommodation
TB 110 – Tightness testing domestic sized gas installations with gas meters fitted 
TB 112 – Obtaining meter index reading and gas rating on electronic and SMART gas meters
 TB 120 – The use of pliable corrugated tubing in gas installations
 TB 123 – Replacement room-sealed appliances for SE-Duct and U-Duct chimney systems
 TB 129 – Boiler inlet gas pressure measurement
TB 155- Installer guide condensate discharge pipe installation
TB 157 CO CO2 and combustion ratio checks using an ECGA when carrying out works on a natural gas appliance being supplied with a hydrogen blend
IGEM G 11 – Gas industry unsafe situations procedure