Expert Auditing Services – improving standards & saving money

At CORGI Technical we have developed and improved our range of auditing services.

Responding to change, CORGI Technical are using a dynamic risk-based approach. Combining three essential factors: Innovation, Value for money and Quality we guarantee our auditing services will improve your gas safety management and provide your organisation with value for money.

Not only do we want to meet your immediate auditing needs, we want to prepare your organisation for the exciting new future of gas safety compliance!

Download the CORGI Gas Safety Audits Datasheet HERE:-
Auditing Datasheet

Our Auditing Services

  • Service & Maintenance Work Audits
  • Post Completion Audits
  • Work in Progress Audits
  • Boiler Room Risk Assessments
  • Desktop Audits
  • Document Audits
  • Management Reporting

And for the most dedicated organisations, why not consider CORGI Accreditation! 

Why CORGI Technical Services are the leading independent Auditors

  1. Innovative Softwareinnovation

We have invested in innovation developing ground-breaking new auditing software.

Our trained technical experts use the latest mobile technology providing our clients with:

  • Instant online reports
  • Clear, precise no-nonsense software
  • Easy-to-read dashboard
  • User-friendly interface
  1. Value for moneyvalue-for-money

Compliance budgets have to go further than ever before. CORGI Technical deliver a trusted service at the price you can afford – value for money!


Did you know CORGI Technical will price match your current auditing provider?

  1. Quality you can rely onquallity

Our Auditing team are industry experts and offer clients years of invaluable experience. We are always available at the end of the phone to provide you and your organisation with support.

When you work with CORGI Technical, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are working with the industry leading experts.



Take our FREE GASMAP – The GASMAP Audit has been designed by us especially for Local Authorities, Housing Associations, private landlords and contractors.

It will enable you and your organisation to find out your how closely your gas safety management systems meet current regulations and best practice codes. You will then be able to identify areas of weakness, areas where improvements are necessary and ensure that the strategy you use for the management of gas work in tenants properties is effective.

Contact us to take the FREE GASMAP – call 01256 548040 or email

“The Standard of service delivered by CORGI Technical is exceptional. They have a full understanding of the legal implications of the Landlord’s responsbilities. They deliver the client brief with dedication, commitment, professionalism and a great deal of attention to detail. It has been our privilege to work with CORGI Technical and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.”
Karen Sillars, Business Development Manager, Glasgow Housing Association

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