Tenants of Hull City Council are first to complete new gas safety awareness qualification from CORGI Technical Services


Ten Tenants from Hull City Council are the first to complete the new gas safety awareness qualification from CORGI Technical Services – the CORGI Level 1 VRQ Award in Gas Safety Awareness for Tenants.

The Tenants all volunteered to attend the course and have taken the qualification so that they have a greater understanding of the responsibilities of their landlord in complying with legislation and well as helping to raise the levels of safety in their community.

The course builds awareness in a non-technical way and covers basic safety aspects of gas installations, carbon monoxide awareness and landlord and tenant responsibilities, as well as some key points in Gas Industry Legislation. The CORGI Level 1 VRQ Award in Gas Safety Awareness for Tenants has been designed by CORGI Technical Services and was delivered to the Tenants by Kevin Winship, an experienced CORGI technical expert and tutor in gas safety . The qualification has been accredited by EAL and is suitable for Housing Associations, Local Authorities and private landlords.

Councillor Black, Portfolio Holder for Hull City Council said: “I would like to congratulate and say well done to the tenants of Hull City Council, who are the first in the Country for achieving the Corgi VRQ Level 1 Gas Safety Awareness qualification for tenants.  Maintaining the highest standards of gas safety in our organisation is very important and having tenants with this qualification and a wider understanding demonstrates the Authorities commitment to providing the highest levels of gas safety for our customers.”

Herbert Dockerty, a tenant volunteer said: “This course is very relevant in supporting the volunteer work that I am involved in within the housing service of Hull City Council. The gas safety awareness course has made me very confident of what I should be looking for. It has made me very proud to be one of the first in the country to have completed and passed this course.”

Dawn Chehreh, a tenant volunteer also added: “I wanted to be on the training for gas safety awareness as I am keen to be more aware of my home and how to keep my family safe.  Not only this but when talking to other tenants during my tenant participation activities for the Council I feel more confident in giving them guidance about gas safety. I would encourage anyone who is given the opportunity to do this course to do so.”

The course runs for half a day and is assessed by a written examination consisting of multiple choice responses. Courses can be set up and run on demand at a client’s premises.

Kevin Winship, Technical Expert for CORGI Technical Services said: “Hull City Council have shown significant leadership in setting up the first gas safety awareness course for their tenants and the course was enthusiastically supported by the all of those attending. This should help to raise safety standards in their properties and increase understanding and knowledge amongst the tenant community.”

“In addition,” continued Kevin, “Hull CC have demonstrated their commitment to gas safety by undertaking to become CORGI Quality Gas Safety Management Accredited. They also have one member of staff who has completed the CORGI Level 4 VRQ Certificate in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing, another who is about to complete it, and two members of staff who have completed the CORGI Level 2 VRQ Award in Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing. This shows a commitment by Hull CC to gas safety at all level in their organisation.”

The Level 1 qualification is part of the family of qualifications that include the CORGI Level 2 VRQ Award in Gas Safety Awareness in Social Housing, the CORGI Level 3 VRQ Certificate in gas Auditing Processes and CORGI Level 4 VRQ Certificates in Gas Safety Management in Social Housing and Gas Safety in Facilities Management.