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CORGI Technical Services have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can assist in providing services to ensure that you work to the relevant regulations and legal requirements that are in place today.

We offer management support to guide you through the process of ensuring safety at all times whether you are a Landlord, Builder or Gas Contractor, we have the ability to improve your current operations or introduce new policies and procedures to control gas safety now and in the future.

Contractor Selection and Evaluation

Engaging the services of a qualified and competent gas operative is vital. We can provide an evaluation and selection process that will allow you to assess and understand the qualifications and capability of any contractor that you intend to use.

Staff Awareness Training

Having a regular programme of staff gas safety awareness training in place will improve the way your organisation responds to gas safety issues and concerns. Both administration and site staff will in some way oversee, manage or control gas safety and it is important that all staff are aware of their day to day responsibilities.


Gas Work Records

Any activity that could affect gas appliances and/or pipework installations should be documented so as to ensure that appropriate tests are carried out upon completion. All gas systems should be left in a safe condition and the work of any trades person should not affect the continued safe operation of any gas installation.
Work records should be checked and assessed against industry guidelines and regulatory requirements as they may well be used in a court of law if an incident or accident occurs.
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Be safe looking after your home.

Many research projects have looked into the safety of home appliances. However, until now there has been a lot less emphasis on public opinion or general awareness of how to ensure you have a safe home.

Campaigners, such as the Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) and the CO-Gas Safety Society, have been pushing the government for years to increase spending on publicity to educate everyone on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. And from my experience, I have met far too many people who do not know how to protect their homes from gas escapes, or what they should do in an emergency.

Download the CORGI Homesafety Report here.