CORGI Compliance Document Management System


Increase Awareness, Reduce Risk
– accurate, real time asset management for Landlords

The CORGI Compliance Document Management System (CDMS) has been specifically designed for landlords to gather, analyse and manage their gas and electrical compliance documents.

  • Top level management overview gives real time compliance status
    • Helps ensure you are meeting all regulatory requirements
  • Instant detailed reports highlighting areas of risk
    • Saves time and resources in analysing properties at risk
  • All gas and electrical compliance documents in one system
    • Allows effective management of properties
    • Increases accountability of contractors & workforce
    • Ensures accuracy of asset & lifecycle plans
  • Redeployment of workforce from document administration and analysis to physical inspections
    • Increases time spent by resources mitigating risk onsite

A pilot project using 10,000 documents identified that 40% were non-compliant, 10% of which were requiring immediate attention. 53% required future investment and a mere 7% were fully compliant. The CORGI Compliance Document Management System saved the organisation £126,000.

How does the CORGI Compliance Document Management System work?

1. Batches of electronic documents are added and reviewed

2. Allows immediate searches of records with instant management reports highlighting issues and risk

3. Immediate action can be taken to mitigate the risk and reduce the chance of an incident

4. Analysis can be made and reports produced to manage contractors’ effectiveness, highlight troublesome properties, plan the lifecycle of assets and redeploy resources

Who will use the CORGI Compliance Document Management System?

  • Managers responsible for gas and electrical safety management in social housing ie. Gas Managers, Electrical Managers, Asset Managers, Head of Assets, Facilities Managers, M&E Managers etc
  • Contractors carrying out compliance activity on behalf of the landlord
  • Engineers on-site – as they complete their compliance documents they are automatically added to the system

What do you get from us when you use your CORGI Compliance Document Management System?

  • Peace of mind with CORGI!
    Support from THE Experts on compliance in the industry – CORGI Technical Services. Over forty years helping to raise the standards in safety, keeping you, your staff and tenants safe
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Unlike OCR which relies on software identifying similar shapes of letters and numbers, CDMS extracts the embedded digital data itself,  delivering 100% accuracy
  • Online account
    An online account to provide storage of your documents, whether digital or handwritten
  • Meeting industry standards
    Reassurance that all your gas and electrical documents meet industry standards through an up to date Quality Assurance process
  • Personalised compliance dashboard
    Your own personalised compliance dashboard, presented and filtered in a clear and simple traffic light system, highlighting non-compliance or properties needing immediate attention

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