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Show your commitment to gas safety – become
CORGI Accredited!


Each Accredited organisation to receive one free place at the ASCP Safety & Compliance Conference

Accreditation for your organisation’s gas safety management systems

  • Trusted CORGI Accreditation
  • Gives national recognition for your quality management systems
  • Shows your organisation’s continuous commitment to gas safety
  • Meets the requirements of tenders
  • Meets regulatory standards and best practice
  • Identifies & closes off risk through an ongoing comprehensive audit
  • Audits and assessments carried out by highly experienced CORGI gas experts
  • Join the register of Accredited organisations
  • Use the CORGI Accreditation logo

The CORGI Quality Accreditation Scheme is available to social housing providers, private landlords and contractors working with them or for those who wish to strengthen their business through Accreditation.

Reduce the risk of an HCA serious detriment notice. Meet the standards for CORGI Accreditation and you will meet the requirements of the HCA (Homes & Communities Agency) and the Scottish Housing Regulator, reducing the risk of a serious detriment notice.

The CORGI Quality Accreditation Scheme has been designed to assess the quality of management systems and processes in place for achieving safe gas work. The Accreditation is valid for three years with annual surveillance visits. To achieve Accreditation, high standards must be achieved in the following areas:

  • Company Ethos & Policies – showing an organisation’s commitment to gas safety
  • Work scope – general work activities & records
  • Training & Qualifications – mechanisms used for control of operatives’ qualifications
  • Work allocation – how work allocation is controlled
  • Supervision and Quality Control – arrangement for when, how and by whom
  • Procedures – specific procedures including for work undertaken (eg engagement of contractors), gas emergencies, unsafe situations, gaining access, voids, mutual exchange
  • Work documentation – the company’s policy for documentation
  • Technical support – how and when technical support will be provided to engineers
  • Gas compliance procedures – processes in place for learning from gas complaints and dealing with gas work deficiencies
  • Specific focus on contractors

All gas safety registered installers used by the organisation must hold Public Liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000.

Download the CORGI Quality Accreditation Scheme datasheet

Datasheet – CORGI Quality Accreditation

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